Old Smokey Company

Old Smokey Company
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Built in 1923 Old Smokey is one of the oldest smoker manufacturer in the industry. For decades this magnificent smoker manufacturers has provided food lovers with excellent quality smokers that are easy to adjust and simple to operate. With their trade mark round chamber sized smokers, you can easily recognize an old Smokey electric smoker on your first sight.

Why you should too choose Old Smokey e-smokers

Old smokey electronic smokers are the best cookware for you if you want to build a compact or customized electronic smoker for your kitchen or yard parties. All of the smokers from Houston, Texas based company comes with a wide range of parts and accessories which are easy to install and are highly affordable.

A unique attribute of an Old Smokey electronic smoker is that the inner combustion chamber of the smoker is totally air tight. For which the flavors of the food and the heat of the smoke remains intact within the chamber, which is one of the secrets of why you will always get the best smoked delicacy on time by using Old Smokey cookware.

A customer oriented company

Old Smokey as a company has a long history of changing their product and their services to meet up with the needs of their clients. From installing new sets of controllers to inserting new and most developed electronics, Old Smokey is always up for making due changes to increase the level of usability for their users. There is a huge customer support department of Old Smokey who are always ready to adopt the latest technology in the smoker and grills industry to include in the smokers and increase the productivity level of the old Smokey e-smokers.

Most versatile accessory support

Old Smokey has the largest set of accessories to equip your grills and smokers. If you are a professional smoked chef or would love to build a custom electronic smoker for your personal taste of cooking then it is only possible with an Old Smokey electronic smoker. This facility also helps to repair or change any parts of the smoker if you need one in an emergency.