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Product Name:Masterbuilt Cold Smoking Kit
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Easily Fits to All Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Cold Smoking KitIf you’ve been lucky enough to have invested in a Masterbuilt smoker already, then you definitely know how delectable and yummy a variety of smoked meats are.

Smoker cookers have become more and more popular over recent years as people realize that they can easily learn to smoke their own meats from home.

The popularity of smoked meats is ever-growing, and having your own smoker cooker in your backyard makes it easy to enjoy it yourself any time you like.

Plus, you can throw great summer parties for your friends and family.

Quality Of Masterbuilt Cold Smoking Kit

A Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is like a magnet, drawing in your friends and family with the goodness of slow-cooking.


Whether you are making beef jerky, or smoking some fish or sausage, the Masterbuilt 20070112 cold smoking kit will that wonderful aroma permeating from the smoker while making your gathering something to be talked about.


This electric cold smoker box attaches to your Masterbuilt electric smoker.

It uses an external Wood Chip smoking chamber that gives you continuous smoke for up to six hours, at temperatures as low as one hundred degrees or as high as one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit.


What is Cold Smoking?

Similar to the traditional hot smoking, cold smoking is just done without heat.

You can use the cold smoking process to cure some of your favorite foods including bacon, fish, sausage and even cheese.


This particular unit will fit onto any Masterbuilt Digital Electric smoker by attaching easily to the wood chip loading port of the smoker itself.

This unit provides you with continuous smoke for up to six hours at temperatures as low as one hundred to one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit.


Cold Smoking Kit

This is one of the Best small smoker attachments you can get, as it enables you to make a variety of other smoked treats that everyone loves.

The Main Features of This Smoker Kit Attachment

  • Uses normal wood chips
  • It will fit any Masterbuilt digital electric smoker
  • Perfect for curing and smoking various different foods
  • Comes with a wood chip system which has a continuous feed feature, giving you up to six hours of consistent and constant smoke

 Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit :The Word on the Street

Many customers who have purchased the Masterbuilt 20070112 cold smoking kit to add onto their Masterbuilt smoker are very pleased with how the results they get from this little device.


It is the perfect addition to your regular smoker which allows you to easily cold smoke all the smoke recipes you’ve been wanting to. The gravity feed mechanism works very well to keep any wood chips from burning constantly. Customers have experienced at least four hours of plentiful, continuous smoke, and say that cleanup with this attachment is so easy and fast.


Others stated that you get long periods of smoking time in between fill-ups and also great smoke delivery. They loved how well built this device was and that it was everything which was advertised to them.

It holds a Large Capacity of wood chips, so you don’t have to constantly run out to add chips to it every thirty minutes or so. They stated that for the money this is a cheap smoker and well worth purchasing.


People who have had trouble with smoking fish in the past love this kit because it does a great job at smoking this delicate meat. Plus, you can smoke other things that you wouldn’t be able to in the hot smoker such as cheeses.

Users also loved the fact that you could run the hot smoker while you were cold smoking something else, plus that even after using this unit for a long time that the nicely oversized ash tray barely

had any ashes in it. This shows that the smoker gives plenty of smoke with very little waste, making an even better value for your money.

Different Opinions Of Best Small Cold Smoking Kit

Although overall happy with this smoker attachment, some people found that in order to get the amount of smoke they needed, they had to periodically shake up the chip bin so that the wood chips settled more to the bottom.

Others found that it was a bit difficult to hook up because it wound up needing its own outlet, otherwise it would trip your breaker. It is advised that you use a heavy duty extension cord with this device so that this issue can be alleviated.

Some customers would have preferred to have a stand available for this unit to make it easier to use. Instead, they had to prop it up on other things, such as a five gallon bucket with a board across it.

Overall, this unit is a great value for your money that makes all kinds of delectable smoked meats and treats that would be difficult to make in your regular hot smoker.

If you are already enjoying your Masterbuilt smoker, you’ll want to get one of the best small smoker attachments available on the market for it today.

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  • Kiel Lasswell says:

    Can you use the cold smoker as a smoke generator and use the actual smoker as normal? As in to keep from having to reload the chip tray as much

    • Johnny says:

      Don’t know for sure but:
      If I were to do it I would probably load the normal chip pan first, (not using more than 1/2 cup at a time to help prevent possible overheating/flareups, I might even put a piece of cut sheet metal over the chips in the tray to help prevent flareups; although I would think flareups may depend more on the volume of smoke, oxygen and temperature setting ) and then setup my accessory cold smoker normally.

      It may add about 45 minutes or so of smoke; is the smoke/time gain worth it to you? If you’re smoking a pork butt, brisket or any large cut for a long time maybe, but for hot smoked meats that only take 1 to 4 hours I wouldn’t bother.

      And of course it would defeat the purpose if cold smoking because the main smoker unit burns way to hot for cold smoking (70-80/90 degrees max)

      But that’s just my humble opinion, or if you will guess. So now you know a little bit more but have no actual demonstrable example that really answers your question; you’ll have to figure it out on your own, whatever you do just be safe.

  • Christian says:

    Have you try smoking salmon or any fish with this cold smoker

    Christian from Canada

  • Donna McMurtry says:

    I make all kinds of cheese for a hobby, and would like to smoke some. My son has a Masterbuilt smoker, was wondering if this attachment would work to smoke cheese, which must be smoked under 80*? Thanks, Donna

    • Steve says:

      Yes you can use it for cheese. Most people are either using a section of dryer vent pipe between the smoker and cold smoker to cool the smoke down. Masterbuilt says 100-120 degree smoke, you can get it down to 70-80 with a pipe. You can also add ice to a pan below the cheese to cool it even more.

    • cory says:

      yes if you extend the mounting pipe to increse the distance you can get temps down i have about 6inch extension on mine and get 80-85 degrees

    • ROGER says:

      Yes, the cold smoker can smoke cheese, if outside temp. is not too warm, (try a frozen milk jug In smoker to keep inside temp, down, don’t turn on the large smoker box, let the heating element in the cold smoker be the only thing turned on. Smoker has to be a Masterbuilt electric with side feed.


    i have used frozen gel packs,but 2 2gal bottles of frozen water work better for roh schinken
    do it for 3 or 4 days depending how smoky you want your sure to shut of the heating unit after you get the
    smoke going good.after each smoke session put your ham into refrig over night.
    for a trip pan i form some aluminium foil to put on the shelf under the meat.
    my smoker is a smoke hollow.

  • ray parks says:

    you cant get parts for it even the heat coil and if heat coil goes out its trash

  • Don says:

    Reading one of the comments regarding tripping the breaker. Don’t understand why you would have the smoker plugged in if you are cold smoking. I do not see an issue here at all. Like the comments about extending the “pipe” to get the temp down. Doing that will give you the opportunity to do a better smoke on cheese and other “melty” foods.

    • Frank K. says:

      It may be necessary to use both when trying to smoke during the summer in warmer climates. I tried to smoke brats this past summer and due to the warm ambient temperature, the burner would not come on. Because it was warm outside the smoker held its internal temp very well. As a result, the burner would not come on, hence no smoke. If I turned up the internal temp to generate smoke the brats would cook in a half hour, thus no smoke flavor. I like the masterbuilt smoker, but it is useless as is in the summer months. I will be buying the cold smoker .

  • Tracy says:

    So I am thinking about purchasing the cold smoker unit to help extend some of the longer smoking that I do.Can I use the 40″ Masterbuilt smoker to keep track of time and temp and the Cold Smoker unit together at the same time for the extra smoke?Also I’ve seen pictures of the paint melting on the lid of the unit.Is that a wide spread problem or something else like improper installation?

    • Thomas Kennedy says:

      Can I use the cold smoke kit on any Masterbuilt electric smoker mine is not a digital smoker. Will the cold smoke kit work on it?

  • Andi says:

    Does anyone know if this cold smoker attachment can be used as a universal cold smoker for smokers that ARE NOT Masterbuilt brand?

  • Carl Robinson says:

    I cannot find a cold smoke kit for my 40 inch Masterbuilt electric smoker. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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