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Smoking Times and Temperature – A Guide For Meat Lovers

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Meat Smoking Times and Temperature

Barbequing in the summer is a favorite past time of husbands, fathers, campers, and weekend warriors everywhere. There is just something about being in the middle of nature, in the great outdoors, enjoying the fresh air as the aroma of grilling succulent meats and seasoned vegetables fills the air.

However, despite scouring the internet for the best electric smoker review, the event will still be a bust if the foods you are smoking are not smoked and finished properly.

It is important to know the proper temperatures and cooking times for your bar-b-que creations,but who has time to remember all of those numbers, times, weights, and temperatures?

That is where this handy Info-Graph will help you ensure that your grilled foods are done to perfection.

smoking times, smoking temperature,

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Valuable Information

You can scour the best smoker cookbooks for great recipes to smoke a wide array of ingredients, but not many of them will give you as much information in one location as this smoking times and temperatures wheel chart.

Reading this chart is easy and it provides a multitude of valuable information. To read this chart, it is easiest to start from the outer ring first.

Type of Food

The outside circle of this chart displays the different types of foods that can be smoked. This selection of smoking greats includes such things as meat, chicken, and seafood. The second ring of the chart displays images of the foods that are listed on the outer ring of the wheel chart.

Smoking Temperature Listings

Moving in towards the center, the next ring contains the proper temperatures at which to smoke the selected foods. Knowing the proper cooking temperature will ensure that your foods are completely cooked and safe for consumption. Using wood chips for smoking will give your food a deep smoky taste while maintaining the heat level for a great smoked finished product.


Smoking foods takes time. It is essential that the ingredients being smoked are allowed to soak up and develop the smoky flavor from the wood chips being used. The secret to a good smoke on an ingredient is the indirect heat and the containment of the smoke in the smoking chamber. To keep the most of the aromatic smoke inside of the smoker by using grills with the best bbq grill covers to keep in the hazy goodness.

Finish Temperature

The fifth circle in the wheel contains the temperatures that the finished smoked product should register. Some of these areas are not a set temperature but rather an indication to cook the ingredients until tender. Others have clear indications of the temperature at which the foods should register when done smoking.

Creating your own home made smoked foods is a money saving, fun, tasty, and easy way to dry and preserve a variety of foods in an easy and safe way. Use the best wireless meat thermometer to check your smoking ingredients according to the smoking times and temperature info graph. This handy and easy to navigate informational tool is invaluable to bar-b-que enthusiasts everywhere.

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