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About me - Younus smokerI am a big lover of Smokey dishes. From smoked salmons to smoked turkeys I love them all. My passion for smoked delicacy gradually built during the time I was living with my parents. We had a lovely neighborhood as thus we had lots of backyard parties every week. My father was a great fan of smoked dishes to and from the love of food I started preparing smoked food with my dad. This bonding helped me to know more and more about smoked delicacies and also with smokers.

Usually we used classic iron grills which were heavy and created a lot of smoke, which was perfect for cooking smoke fish and meat. But after completing college I moved in to California and rented a studio apartment. Although I left my parents’ house and those neighborhood parties, but I could not leave my love for smoked dishes and I planned to buy an electric smoker to use in my apartment. But then I realize how tough it is to find the perfect smoker for my apartment.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed among hundreds of smokers from various brands and as electric smokers are easy to manufacture there were lot of low quality smokers which I have found to be a waste of time. After going through a lot of brands and smokers with various attributes I found the perfect smoker which proved to be the perfect match for my studio apartment and my little kitchen. But I realized that any individual who does not have a past experience of working with a smoker would be highly puzzled to find the best smoker for his apartment or which suits his needs.

So I planned to build the perfect online electric smoker guide to help everyone out.

This website is fully loaded with all sorts of reviews and needed details including pros and cons of electric smokers from various brands. This site has some of the best honest smoker reviews in the industry. All the reviews and details about electric smokers are written based on current customer reviews in addition to my own experience of using some of the best quality smokers in the industry.

Another reason why started this informative site is that there are scarcity of websites which have honest reviews of electric smokers in the market. Most of the electric smoker websites that I have found on the internet are cookware enthusiastic sites and smoker brand’s official site which did not have the necessary information which can help a smoker buyer to take the best educative decision. So the main intention of building this site is to help the smoked delicacy lovers to take the best educative decision by learning the must know facts about good and bad qualities of a smoker.

As you need to get use different frying pans for different types of cooking, same goes for smokers. As most people think that every smoker is built with same quality and to be used for same purpose, actually they are not. There is no all-purpose, every environment friendly electric smoker. To get the best performance you have to choose the best one that suits your needs and budget the best. All though I do not claim myself as an expert but I know a lot about smokers. Because of my passion and past experience I have an intuition when it comes to choose the perfect smoker for an individual. As a smoked delicacy lover my research to find the perfect smoker is still on. And I will be posting all my findings and latest development in the smoker industry as soon as I have a knowledge about it.

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In this busy life very few of us have the luxury to read the whole review and compare the specification of a cookware to find the best smoker in the market. So to help you all out I have designed the ultimate interactive one of a kind electric smoker guide for buyers. This is not another review guideline, but it has the short and most perfect overview of smokers which will help you to get a very good idea about leading smoker brands and their products. This is something that I wish I had when I was wasting my days in the local markets to find the perfect smoker for my apartment.

This resources are all you need to make the best educative decision while choosing the perfect smoker for your need. This knowledge will save both of your time and money while shopping for the best electric smoker in the industry. You will also learn some of the latest tips on how you can quickly choose the perfect smoker by the first sight. For more information:

Do read the reviews

Collection of detail guidelines

Honest reviews and suggestions from current smoker owners

By following this resources and enriching yourself with the most latest knowledge regarding the smoker industry you can too become the top chef of smoke delicacies and a master of smoker shopping in no time. If you have any question or just want to share your experience regarding electric smoker do contact with me through the contact us page.

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Let the smoke of your delicious meals spread the joy of cooking.