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The best wood chips for smoking are little pieces of wood which are used to enhance the flavors of the meat you are cooking.

These smoking chips are available in a variety of flavors and are used for several different kinds of meat.

Some flavors that the come in include apple, pecan, alder, peach, orange and cherry, plus oak, hickory, mesquite or even Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel. It can be used in all types of grills include gas, charcoal or electric.

Here Rre Top 5 Wood Chips For Smoking

  1. Weber Apple Wood Chips.
  2. Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips
  3. Western Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips
  4. Western Pecan Bbq Smoking Chips
  5. Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Set – Set of 8 Pints 


When you are using charcoal these wood chips are put over a pile of hot coals to make the smoke.

With an electric smoker or gas grill, the wood chips are put in a smoker box where they are held while they burn slowly to make an environment inside the unit which is smoky.


Some believe that soaking your wood chips before using them in cooking will make the chips last longer.

However, this is not true, and these best wood chips for grilling are used in either way totally dry.


Soaking the wood beforehand will only let the chips steam and not let them put off their true flavor.

So what types of woods should you be using? Generally, you will want to use only hardwoods that come from fruit-bearing or nut-bearing trees.


Wood from fruit trees tend to have a lighter smoke flavor, while the woods from nut trees make a smoke flavor that is stronger. Apple wood seems to compliment just about everything you could barbecue.


Here Are Top 5 Wood Chips For Grilling

Weber Apple Wood Chips

Apple wood chips are the perfect thing for adding apple wood smoke flavor to your foods.

They can also be the perfect alternative to charcoal briquettes as a heat source for grilling.


Apple wood chips for smoking give a slightly sweet and fruity smoky flavour which is perfect for game birds, poultry, especially ham.

You can’t go wrong when you use these Weber wood chips for your smoker cooker, and you will be totally satisfied with the great flavor that they give to your meats.

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Main Features

  • Smoke which is less dense
  • Fruity flavor for poultry
  • One of the most popular cooking woods
  • Add smoky flavor to your favourite food


They really enjoyed the how these apple wood chips for smoking meat added flavor to their foods.

They loved the good size of these chips and stated that they are much better quality than they could purchase at a local store.


Plus, with the size of the bag, it makes them well worth getting.

Apple wood chips can change up the flavor of your foods and bring an interesting and new taste to your table.


Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips

These Jack Daniels wood chips are right from the same barrels that are used to age Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey in.

During this process of aging, the whiskey is taken in and out of the wood, giving it its distinct flavor and color.


Some of the whiskey is left in these barrels once they are emptied, and some of them are made into Jack Daniels smoking chips.

These chips will add the distinctive flavor of the whiskey to any food which is cooked on charcoal or gas grills, or even on electric smokers.

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Each bit of the whiskey is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee at the oldest registered distillery in America.

Here, the people use the same methods and care which Jack Daniel established in 1866.

This commitment to quality the unique charcoal-mellowed flavor has led to the fame of this whiskey all over the world, and now you can smoke it into your food as well with these Jack Daniels wood smoking chips.

Main Features

  • Smoking chips made from the white oak aging barrels or Jack Daniel’s whiskey
  • Chips are 1”x1” in size

If you love the taste of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, you’ve absolutely got to try these BBQ smoking chips.


Western Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips

Mesquite wood for smoking is a very popular flavor choice for many.

Mesquite wood chips are mainly used to add a wood smoky flavor to food which is cooked on charcoal and gas grills, or electric smokers.

Mesquite is a long-time favourite wood in the South, and it has a sweet, strong, hard flavor.

It is great with rich and full-bodied meats like duck, beef, lamb and chicken. It can also be used to flavor vegetables and seafood.mesquite wood for smoking<<<<< Purchase This Product on Amazon >>>>>

Smoking with wood chips is a favorite summertime activity and is something that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

You’ll enjoy a rich smoky flavor that everyone loves and cannot resist.


You will immediately notice the difference in taste when you use these Western wood chips for smoking if you have always just smoked or grilled without them.

They’ll give you such a great flavor to your foods that you won’t ever want to BBQ without them again.

Main Features

  • Perfect for both charcoal and gas grills
  • Use them in an aluminium foil pouch or smoker ox
  • Made of kiln dried wood
  • 100% natural

Mesquite wood for smoking is an easy way to get a great smoky flavor imbued into many different foods.


Western Pecan Bbq Smoking Chips

If you are looking for a different flavor to imbue in your meats, you can always try pecan wood for smoking.

Pecan has a sweet and tangy, yet bold flavor which works well with poultry or beef, so you have endless possibilities with these Western smoking chips.


Your family and guests will be surprised at this new flavor and you will be pleased with how well it really tastes.

They are just as easy to use as any other chips for smoking, and you can use them to get away from the same old smoky flavor and change things up a bit.

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Main Features:

  • Gives you a sweet and tangy, yet bold flavor
  • Perfect with poultry and beef
  • Adds an authentic smoky flavor to any meal

People who do not like the harsh, bitter smoke which oak, hickory and mesquite can give off love these pecan chips for smoking.

They really love them for fish and, but use them for pretty much everything to stay away from the bitterness of the other woods.


They also said mixing these chips with apple wood from time to time works great, too.

These pecan wood chips for smoking are all in all a great choice when you are looking for something a bit different and want a sweeter smoky flavor to your meats.


Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Set – Set of 8 Pints

Wood chips for smoking come in many varieties, so many in fact that you might not realize just how many.

This 8 variety set is perfect for the avid or new smoker in your life, even if it is yourself!


These are pure ground wood chips are meant to be used with a stovetop smoker and is a must have for nay outdoor cooking enthusiast.

It is a great way to save money on all their favorite varieties

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Hickory wood chips are usually top of the wanted list, so this set contains some.

These give you a classic smoky flavor that every loves.

You may have seen mesquite wood for sale as well, as this is another popular option, which is also included in this set.


Plus, you’ll also get apple wood for smoking, pecan wood for smoking and cherry wood for smoking for some sweeter and unique flavors to your foods.

Lastly, another popular one you might see are oak wood chips for smoking, which are also included here.

Main Features:

  • Easy to handle, resealable 1 pint plastic containers
  • Ignite fast and combust 100%
  • Wood chip is raw timber kiln dried to give you the best performance
  • Each container will give you around 30 smokings
  • Saves you money while you get to taste 8 different smoky flavors


This set is certainly a great buy and has something for everyone!

The best smoking wood chips for you will largely be determined by your own tastes and the types of meats you like to cook.

There are so many flavor combinations and possibilities because of the variety of woods that are available.

It is not difficult to find the best smoker wood chips.

They are easily found at many home improvement stores and big box stores, plus you can find a large variety of them online.


These are all places where to buy wood chips and you should be able to find all the kinds you are looking for.

Some people want to know where to buy wood for smoking so that they can cut it up and make their own smoking chips.


This can many times be more cost worthy or people just like the freshness they feel they get from cutting up their own wood. Some butcher shops may have wood that they can sell you for this purpose.

No matter what kind of wood chips you decide to get or where you choose to get them from, the best wood chips for BBQ will be the ones that most suit your needs and tastes.


You may have to do some trial and error at first to see what you like the best, but in the end you’ll be cooking up some really delicious meals!

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