Hickory, Cherry, Alder Wood, And Oak.

Stovetop Wood Smoking Chips – Super Value Pack

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Hickory, Cherry, Alder Wood, And OHickory, Cherry, Alder Wood, And Oak.ak.

This wood chips value pack is the perfect thing for anyone who loves smoking.

These chips are pure wood which is ground and are for use with a stovetop smoker.

They will light very easily and combust 100%, which gives off the exact amount of smoke you need to flavor the food that is being cooked.

This set is a great variety of four different woods including hickory wood chips, cherry wood for smoking, oak wood for smoking, and alder wood for smoking.

These wood chips are all made of raw timber which is kiln dried so you get the best performance from them.

Each 1 pint container holds enough chips so that you can smoke with them approximately thirty times.You will be very pleased with the flavor that these chips give to your meats and the value in this set of four different flavors.

Main Features:

  • These chips ignite fast and will combust 100%
  • Give of the right amount of smoke so your food is perfectly flavored
  • These 1 pint plastic containers are easy to handle and are resealable
  • Each container holds enough chips to use them about 30 times
  • The chips are raw timber and kiln dried so you get the best performance

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peoples  were very pleased with the flavors they got out of this wood chips value pack. The chips are cut uniformly, clean and packed conveniently. The small shaved chips in this pack are perfect for a stove top smoker or any other light smoking job. They are smoked nicely with no greasy or oil residue.

They also say how pleased they are that there are chips which can be used for their stove top smokers, allowing them to be able to smoke inside, even in an apartment. The chips make a great gift as well with the various flavors and will be sure to please.


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