All Things you Need to Know To Choose The Best Grill Mats

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Are you having problems trying to keep your grill from scorching, burning or charring your food when grilling?

Maybe you want to grill your food that has a very heavy marinade on the meat and the liquids and grease keep falling in the grill causing a huge mess.

Or maybe you are wanting to grill your food without having flare-ups from the fats and juices falling on to the burners while grilling them.

Well look no further because the best grill mat will help solve all these problems and more when you use them correctly.

Say goodbye to all the extra cleanup and worries you have to deal with when grilling food.


In this article we will cover all the special aspects and features that using a grill mat have to offer as well as review some of the best bbq grill mats available on the market today.


How to choose the best grill mats?

When choosing the grill mat you need to consider several factors.

A huge factor would be if you plan on reusing the grill mat over and over again, then you want to make sure that they are durable, safe and able to withstand high temperatures, so they don’t melt or fall apart.

Also, make sure the mats are made of very safe materials that can withstand high heat and not harm your food in the process.

The best way to go about all this is to do the research and read the reviews before making a purchase.


What are the advantages of having a grill mat?

Using a grill mat is perfect for beginners to grilling or anyone who just doesn’t want to deal with a lot of the problems that come with grilling.

One of the main problems that can be solved using a grill mat is when you are grilling meats, and steaks the fats and juices rendered tend to fall on to the flames and flare up causing the food to become charred, burned or scorched.

A grill mat will contain all the juices when grilling so you won’t have this problem.

Also, if you plan on using a marinade or heavy oiling the meat or food before grilling, the grill mat will also hold all the marinade in place and won’t let them fall into the grill.

If you didn’t use a grill mat the sugars from the marinade will burn to cause a very bitter taste or make the grill and grill grates very hard to clean when the time comes.

A grill mat will also retain heat very well and evenly distribute the heat over the mat to create a more even cook on the food when grilling.

Some mats can still be able to make those grill marks on your food that are highly coveted as well.

While some grill mats are only able to be used once, they still will come in handy to help solve a lot of the messy problems that come with grilling your food items.


Things to look for when buying a grill mat?

The most obvious thing to look for when buying a grill mat is what the grill mat is composed of.

Make sure the materials used will not burn up or melt during the grilling process.

Also, make sure that they are safe to use with food, you don’t want to use any products that are made from harmful materials or chemicals.

Probably the best factor to look for when buying a grill mat is to make sure there is a satisfaction guarantee or a warranty on the product itself.

You don’t want to waste money on a product that will end up being terrible without any way to exchange, return or refund your money back.


What’s the best way to use this product?

The best way to use a grill mat, for the most part, is to heat the grill to a reasonable temperature then place the mat on the grill grates.

Make sure the grill grates are at least 7 inches above the direct flame, if you have flame deflectors on your grill as most propane grills have, then this is even better.

The flames will not be directly on the grill mat. Try not to grill at extremely high temperatures.

Most grill mats will be able to be used at temperatures of 500 degrees, but that does not mean you want to use them at that high of heat.

Try using them at a moderate heat of no more than 350 degrees to avoid melting or damaging the mad or your food in the grilling process.


Address the controversy

While many people do not use grill mats, they are not for everyone.

Most master grillers or more experienced grillers will not use grill mats as they know how to avoid some of the problems that grill mats will fix.

A grill mat is more for people who are new to grilling or just don’t want to have to deal with the mess or cleanup from grilling heavily marinated or greasy foods.

Using a grill mat does not mean you are any less of a griller, it just means you prefer convenience over problematic situations.


Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat


Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat


For starters, here is an affordable set of two grill mats from a well-known name. These grill mats will be a great addition to your grilling tools arsenal.

These grill mats are the thickest grill mats on the market and claim to be able to be used at very high temperatures of at least 600 degrees.

While they are very durable and strong mats, they are not able to be cut to shape your grill, so make sure when purchasing them, you buy the correct size to fit your grill grates.

They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean with just the wipe of a cloth.

However, there have been complaints of the black finish coming off during the washing process which helps to prevent the food from sticking to the mat.

They also claim to be able to be used up to 1,000 times. This, of course, is not true because there have been multiple complaints of the mat falling apart after 10 or 15 uses or melting after a few uses at high temperatures.

If you do use these, take care of them and try not to push the limit of their extensions so that they may last longer.

With all that being said, even if they do have problems, the best thing about them is that they have a 7-year warranty and may be exchanged, refunded or returned within the allotted amount of time from the original purchase.



  • Thickest grill mat on the market
  • Able to withstand 600-degree temperatures


  • Will fall apart after ten uses
  • Are not able to be cut to fit the shape of the grill
  • The non-stick finish may wash off


Aoocan Grill Mat Set of 5-100% Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats



 Aoocan Grill Mat Set of 5-100% Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats


These grill mats are extremely affordable, and they also come in sets of five for the whole price which make them even cheaper.

But they do have some problems, hence why they are so cheap to buy.

They are made from all natural and silicone free materials but are somewhat thin so reusing them will be somewhat of a pain.

They are easy to clean with just the wipe of a rag but have been said to fall apart, become ripped and the finish to fall off while cleaning them in hot soapy water.

They are said to be able to hold up to 500 degrees of high temperatures, but there have been complaints of them being ruined the first time around or catching on fire within the grill.

The grill mats do not come with any warranty or guarantee, but they do come in a set of 5.

They would be best to use once then throw away after the first use. They are cheap enough to do so and not worry too much about the cost.



  • Made from all-natural materials
  • Able to withstand high temperatures
  • Biodegradable and disposable


  • One time use only
  • Fall apart and rip when cleaned


Kitchen + Home – BBQ Grill Mats


Kitchen plus Home BBQ Grill Mats


These grill mats come in sets of two and are a little more expensive in comparison to the others on this list of grill mats.

They are one of the more thicker grill mats on the market meaning they will hold up better when using them or washing them.

They are thick enough to withstand very hot temperatures of 500 degrees but still thin enough to leave nice grill marks on your food and meats.

They are dishwasher safe, or they can be cleaned with just the wipe of a rag.

The downside is that they are not able to be cut into the shape needed to fit the grill, so make sure to but the correct size to fit your grill grates.

While they are completely FDA approved and 100% non-stick along with many other features like the all-natural materials they are made from, they have been known to catch fire within the grill.

However, this could be from inexperienced grillers that do not know how to use them correctly or properly.

Pushing the limits of these grill mats are not recommended. Use them safely and handle them with care and they will last many more uses.



  • 100% non-stick and FDA approved
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Thick mats but thin enough to create nice grill marks on food



  • Have been known to catch fire if not used correctly
  • Not able to be cut to fit grill grates


Latest BBQ Grill Mats


Latest BBQ Grill Mats


Here is a great option of grill mats to choose from. They are still moderately priced just like the previous ones are, but have a lot of good remarks with very little bad to say about them.

They come in packs of three with the original price and can withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees.

The only bad thing when using them is they tend to fold or roll at the edges, but hey at least they don’t catch fire or burn up immediately like most other grill mats.

They are made from all natural and safe materials and are completely dishwasher safe.

While they are very strong and very durable that is sure to last through many uses; they don’t leave those coveted grill marks you look for on your foods.

However, the best thing about these mats is they are covered with a lifetime warranty and can be exchanged, returned or refunded at any time you are unsatisfied with them.



  • Dishwasher safe
  • Able to withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees


  • Tend to curl or bend when in use
  • Don’t have the ability to leave grill marks on foods


SMAID Copper Grill Mat Set of 4 – Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats


SMAID Copper Grill Mat Set


Here are some great grill mats you should consider purchasing. They are extremely affordable, probably the cheapest on the list.

These grill mats differ from the rest with due to the fact they are not black grill mats and instead are copper colored grill mats.

They come in packs of 4 and are very thin but still very durable and strong enough to withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees.

They will also leave very nice grill marks on your steaks and have a very safe non-stick Teflon coating on them to prevent the food from sticking.

If used properly these mats will last forever, and if they don’t last forever, that’s ok because they come with a lifetime warranty and can be exchanged, returned or refunded at any time you are unsatisfied with the product.

They have been known to be a little difficult to clean, and as you use them more, they become harder to clean.



  • Able to withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees
  • Able to leave nice grill marks on your food


  • Hard to clean as you use them more
  • Are very thin and tend to fall apart easier as you use them

Is the grill mat completely non-toxic?

Yes, for the most part almost all grill mats are made from non-corrosive and safe materials.

They are free of most of the chemicals like silicone or plastic that would harm you or your food when using them to grill with.

Make sure and look to for the materials they are made from to ensure a safe buy before purchasing them.


Is the Miracle Grill Mat safe?

Yes, they are safe to use. Otherwise, they would not sell them. However, the miracle grill mat brand tends to melt or fall apart after the first use.

They say you can reuse them, but there are much better options for a grill mat than the miracle grill mat. But all in all, for one-time use, they are safe to use.


How do you grill salmon on the grill mat?

There are many different ways to go about doing this when using a grill mat. If you prefer just to grill the salmon plain and all natural, just glaze the salmon with a small amount of oil, salt, and pepper and place directly on the grill mat that is at least 7 inches away from direct flames.

The mat will help prevent the salmon from sticking to the grill or falling apart.

Or if you want to marinade salmon or brush it with a sauce while grilling it, you may also do so.

The mat will help retain all the juices and liquids from the marinade without falling through the grill grates. The mat will also provide easy flipping of the salmon and provide an even cook.


What types of foods can you grill using a grill mat?

This is a loaded question because, in all actuality, you can grill any food you want using a grill mat. The point of using a grill mat is to retain juices during grilling and keep the grill from burning your food in the process.

It also helps to keep foods from falling apart while grilling.

So, if you have had problems in the past grilling hamburgers and they keep sticking, burning or falling apart when you flip them, invest in a grill mat to help solve this problem.

So, in conclusion, what is the best grill mat available on the market today? Well many of these are great choices, and they all come in very close with each other, but we would have to recommend the Smaid – Copper Grill Mat simply because they are the cheapest out of the bunch.

They also come with a lifetime warranty which is hard to beat and also come in a pack of 4 so you don’t have to keep buying extras.

They can do everything you would want in a grill mat and they tend to be a healthier alternative to most other grill mats because of the composite makeup.

Be sure to invest in some of these, and you will not regret it, if you do, just return them, and they will refund your money. Its worth the shot since you have nothing to lose.

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