Polder Original Cooking All In One Timer Thermometer

Polder Food & Cooking Thermometer

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All In One Polder Thermometer

This Polder Cooking Thermometer is very handy and also very high tech.

It will take all the guesswork out of cooking your meats and has an alarm that is pre-settable which works at the same time with the Temperature plus the time.

You can set the alarm to go off automatically when it gets to the temperature you have set, or you can set it to alert you when the set amount of time you have chosen has gone by.

Polder Original Cooking All In One Timer Thermometer

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This alarm of this handy cooking thermometer can be preset to a range between 32 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and the alarm is a loud, five minute alarm.

It comes already quipped with a probe wire which is nice and long, measuring forty-three inches in length.


You’ll only need on AAA battery to operate this unit, and it comes with one when you purchase it.

You also notice that this Food thermometer has a memory that you can use for settings that you frequently use. The Polder is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook and grill.


Main Features Of Food Thermometer

  • High tech and very hand thermometer with a pre-settable alarm
  • Alarm goes off when it gets to set temperature or after a specific amount of time has passed
  • Has a long probe wire that measures forty-three inches
  • Uses 1 AAA battery, which is included
  • Equipped with memory for settings that are used a lot
  • Great gift idea

What I Think About Cooking Thermometer

I am very happy with the performance of this Polder Cooking Thermometer, saying that it really has saved them so much time and guesswork when they cook with it.

It cooks meats perfectly and is very a very reliable device. They also really liked the fact that you could set the temperature and also the alarm to alert you when the food was cooked to the correct temperature.


This thermometer overall is a great little tool to have in your kitchen and available whenever you are cooking meats.

You will no longer have to guess at when your food is cooked properly when you use this device.


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